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“A letter to my baby… It was you and me together, as if we were the only ones in existence, and at the same time surrounded by people who love and support us and were all there to help us… Earlier I had wondered to Lauren how would I know if things were actually happening and you were getting ready to be born. But as I moved through each contraction in the water, there was so much pressure that I just instinctively reached down to hold my hands right where you prepared to come out and I could feel my body moving and stretching. And then I realized that I just knew… Suddenly after a particularly intense contraction, I felt overwhelmed with joy and excitement. “I’m so happy, I’m so happy!” I cried. I was thinking about getting to meet you soon, after such a long time waiting for you. I thought about how much I loved Daddy and Palesa, and how blessed I am to have a family I love so much and who loves me so much. I felt like all the happiness in the world was suddenly experienced in my body and my heart in that very instant, and it was almost too much to take… I kept my eyes shut for most of labor, and I was deep and faraway engaged in labor. For those few hours, there was just about nothing else going on in the world at all… My body started pushing with the next contraction, and just at the point where I couldn’t take it anymore and needed everything to just stop and hold still, things paused. Everything stayed right where it was, and though the pressure still remained, the contraction ended and my body stopped pushing. And we just stayed there and rested… Suddenly as I could start to feel the pressure build behind a new contraction, I wasn’t sure if I was going to have an orgasm or throw up… I had my eyes closed, but at the point where your head was coming out, I opened them. I remember seeing your dark hair waving in the water as I also touched the top of your head. The water was so clear and I had to snap out of my labor trance to watch and notice everything. On the side of your head, I felt your little ear. Your ear. Then I felt you rotate away from me, your body turned and then one shoulder slid out, followed by the other one. I gave a last little push and you were away and separate from my body… I scooped you up and brought you up out of the water and into my arms, crying (me, not you!)… Daddy held me from behind and I cried. I don’t remember what I said to you first, but my voice was the first thing you heard… Research has shown that the most euphoric state of bliss a human being is ever capable of experiencing is shared between a mother and her baby immediately after birth, thanks to a surging tide of hormones. In the seconds, minutes, and even hours after you were born, I was so ecstatic, I was on another planet. It was as if all of the love, joy, happiness, and light in the entire world was suddenly surrounding our little family (and even including Auntie Suz, Grandma Cyndi and our midwives Lauren and Kristen). All this joy and love pulsed through my veins and fingertips and right into your little body.” – Amy May, Boulder, CO



“Today we graduated from the skilled and loving care of our amazing midwife. From the first time I met her I trusted her. I feel so grateful to have been supported and guided through the wild ride of pregnancy and birth by such a wise, strong, and gentle presence. She believes in nature and lets nature do her mysterious work. We were never “doing” anything. Life was making itself and we were joyful and humble participants. She helps me believe in the blossoms. At our birth she stood in the threshold between this world and the beyond, guarding that doorway. She guided me through 30 hours of labor until the incomprehensible moment I guided my son out of my body with my own hands into the water and out into the air in the corner of my bedroom. Women know many things. I’m so glad she still remembers.”

-Sarah Plazas, Lafayette, CO



Thank you for guiding Annie into the world with joy and grace. Thank you for delivering me back to myself and filling me with gratitude… We love you. You should be everyone’s midwife! “

-Katie Glynn and Family, Lakewood, CO


We are off to a great start with our little family. Thanks for all of your patience and reassurance. We loved your visits (always delightful!) and objective presentation of information. This really helped us to feel cared for and to make decisions that fit our needs and wants. My birthing experience was very empowering in ways I did not expect. What a life changing experience! And yet it is so ordinary- it happens every day. Thanks for allowing it to happen as it needed to and for being there when I/we needed extra support.

– Jessica, Longmont, CO


Thank you so much for everything. You were incredibly kind, patient and caring. This will be an experience my family will keep forever and will pass through the daughters of our daughters. Gracias infinitamente.

– Jennifer Lozano Castillo, sister of mama


Loving and Laboring

“Prior to meeting you, I felt like my pregnancy was only being supported by myself and a few close friends. Upon listening to your first message in response to questions regarding your services, I let out the biggest sigh of relief! My roommate saw the weight lift off of me. You then quickly, and unknowingly, convinced Eric of many wonderful practices in about twenty minutes. I’m so grateful for your presence and your involvement in such an important time in our lives. With your knowledge, confidence and wisdom, we were able to become engaged with the beautiful process without fear or doubt and were also able to convey our feelings and desires to those around us. You are a lovely individual with infinite grace and overflowing with love. We are lucky to have found you and are now lucky to know you! Thank you for being exactly what we needed, every step of the way. Yours truly, Kristi, Eric and Francis.
– Boulder, CO
Daddy and daughter meet

Daddy and daughter meet

If you had told my wife and I that we would be having a home birth after first discovering our pregnancy, we’d both say you were crazy . . .

It started at the OB-GYN clinic at our local hospital where after our 4th or 5th visit we wanted to consider a childbirth that didn’t feel so clinical.  At week 6 we met with a midwife group that worked exclusively with the local hospital, which seemed like the best of both worlds to us.  There were about five midwives on rotation and we met with each one to be familiar with whomever was on call when labor begins.  After 39 weeks and many trips to the midwife center and hospital we had our bags packed and were ready for anything . . .

Well, not everything.  My best friend, co-worker and mentor passed away after a yearlong battle with brain cancer.  The day after he passed I visited him and his family at home and prepared myself for hysteria but encountered the opposite.  The home was quiet and his family was calm, loving and welcoming.  At that moment I felt in my heart that there is only one way to enter and leave this world –at home (when permissible).   

I immediately thought about our birth journey and the hysteria and nervousness associated with hospitals -waiting rooms, monitors, alarms, strangers, cold linoleum floors and damp florescent lighting.  I immediately questioned the sanity of interrupting a rhythmic labor at home to rush to a hospital for check in,  then escorted to a room, changed into a gown, having vitals checked, administered an IV then asked to proceed with the labor.

To my loving surprise my wife Nancee (39 weeks into the pregnancy, bags packed, etc) was interested in a home birth and willing to learn more.

From a local directory we found several home birth mid-wives and began making calls.  My immediate response from all of them was generally, “wow, this is pretty late in the pregnancy,” but Lauren followed up with “how exciting.”

After meeting with Lauren we knew instantly that we wanted her to be there for us, and the next day when we had our medical records transferred to inform her that we’d like to proceed, Nancee began her contractions.

About 10 hours later Lauren was at our house for what became one of the most memorable 10+ hours of our life that culminated with the most beautiful home birth experience that either of us could have hoped for.  Lauren’s professional calmness and nurturing attitude really shined and she felt like an old friend after only moments.  I’ll never forget Nancee, Nora (our daughter) and I all on our bed together, too excited to sleep yet too exhausted to move.

After our home birth experience, if I was asked about anything other than a home birth (with exceptions) I’d say you were crazy.

-Justin, Nancee and Eleanora Gold, Boulder CO

Lily Wick Homebirth Team
Hours old
“If you’re looking for a compassionate and knowledgeable midwife, look no further. Lauren was the best decision I made regarding my pregnancy. She really cares for every aspect of your pregnancy and birth journey and makes you feel heard. She has an approach that helps to keep your trust in the birth process so that you are making decisions about your pregnancy and birth with love and intuition, instead of fear. She is wholly supportive and I love that she provides holistic health advice instead of jumping straight to pharmaceutical remedies for symptoms. My birth with her is one that I would choose again and again. She was very hands off when hands weren’t needed and the whole experience was peaceful, primal, and beautiful. I can’t sing her praises enough.”
– Lily Wick, RN, Birth Doula, Longmont, CO


And then Lily’s third birth!:
Lauren was an invaluable presence, for both me and for my husband, at the birth of our first child. She is the absolutely perfect blend of calm, expert midwife and loving, nurturing doula.  We were both so comfortable with her being there throughout the labor and birth process, and so confident in her experience and abilities. Lauren is patient, unobtrusive and unassuming, yet she clearly speaks what she knows (which is a lot!) when her guidance is needed.  My husband most appreciated that she was so calm under pressure, and I most appreciated that she seemed to intuitively know when I needed her soothing, encouraging words or my back rubbed.  In short, we can’t say enough wonderful things about Lauren and we are eternally grateful for her role in our daughter’s birth — we could not recommend her more highly.”
–  Megan Pincus Kajitani, Freelance Writer and Author of, Carlsbad, CA


The Conway Bennett Family – Johann’s Birth – July 8, 2012

“I am writing this on my bedroom floor – the very spot I gave birth to my son, Johann.  He is my third child and my when I found out I was pregnant with him I called my former midwife only to find she had recently retired.  She gave me some recommendations for other midwives which led me to Lauren’s write up on  This isn’t my usual experience (I’m somewhat of a luddite) but something called out to me from that site and I decided to phone her.  She answered (!) and I set up an interview with her right away. 

“Lauren’s peaceful way immediately captivated me.  She made me feel calm in a visceral way that I thought would translate well to my upcoming labor – and I was right.  I also knew that my husband needed a calm and kind midwife who could help him through some of the ups and downs of the birth process.  He had some difficult experiences with our children’s previous births (my daughter was born through an emergency cesarean after a long labor and my older son was a VBAC but had low heart tones towards the end). Lauren and my husband created a communication plan before the birth that would include him in a way that made him feel secure about the health of the baby during labor.  This freed his mind up so much he was able to catch the baby for the first time – what a thrill! 

“Lauren is a very calm, knowledgeable person who truly trusts the pregnant woman’s body and her ability to give birth.  Her prenatal care, birth assistance, and post partum care is of the highest quality.  The birth of Johann is a beautiful happening in the life of our family.  Thank you, Lauren!” 

– Martine Conway, Boulder, CO


anela birth family

“Lauren was our midwife for the birth of our first child, Anela, in March 2012.  I think our story is a little unique in that, as a couple we came to Lauren completely divided on what we wanted out of our birth experience.  My husband’s initial plans for the birth of our child involved a traditional hospital setting and routine Doctor visits (regular ultrasounds, diagnostic testing, etc.) leading up to it.  Coming from a family of natural birthing sisters (one of whom had her two children at home and another who’d had one of her 3 children in a hospital “birthing center”), I was intimidated both by the potential for a medical doctor to uphold hospital liability standards over the needs/wishes/desires of the “patient”…and I was uncomfortable with the very notion that in a hospital setting my baby and I would be considered patients – ill persons, in need of medical intervention.

“As I was doing research to find a midwife, my priorities were to find someone whose experience and educational background would put my husband’s mind at ease (as well as my own), and someone warm, sensitive, and holistically grounded, as I knew the journey we would embark on would be one of the most intimate relationships I’d ever shared with another person and we wouldn’t have a lot of time for working through communication issues, philosophical differences, etc.  I couldn’t have been luckier in stumbling upon Lauren’s website, where she detailed her vast experience in birthing and assisting births in both rural and developed areas in the US & Latin America, which gave me confidence in both her ability to help preserve the purity and simplicity of a natural homebirth, and her adaptability to cultural nuances, given the fact that my husband and I encompass a confusing mix of Spanish, Mexican, Indian, Irish, German, Catholic, Episcopal, and Jewish backgrounds and beliefs.  Lauren’s website also told the story of her decision to become a midwife, which as I recall, was more of a personal/spiritual calling in life, as opposed to a hobby or business venture.  I has a good feeling she would be the one to be there alongside us as we went about growing and giving birth to our precious baby.  When we met her in person, it was clear we’d found our midwife.

“There’s a long story to tell about how my husband came around to not only accepting, but preferring the beautiful homebirth experience we had, but suffice to say, I don’t think it would have been possible without the knowledge, dedication, expertise, and understanding that Lauren and her assistant midwife at the time, Angela Seeling, offered.  There were several points along the path of prenatal-to-postpartum care where the things I’d believed to be so special about a homebirth were becoming so evident to my husband that I watched us progress from a polarized couple with me on one island fielding all the questions, concerns, and criticism from worried and uneducated family and friends, to my husband proactively sharing with our loved ones why we felt so secure and excited to be planning a homebirth.  I share this piece of our story as particularly significant because in talking to friends of ours who have since become interested in a homebirth for their own families, I’ve realized how difficult it can be in our modern society to gain access to the support and understanding you need to feel prepared and sure-footed in your pursuit of something nontraditional like a homebirth.  Lauren was that invaluable resource for us.  She not only helped to answer all of our questions and educate us on preventative and ongoing care for me and the baby, but she was a source of much needed calm encouragement.  Her work led me to feel less dependent on anyone else for the energy and preparedness I would need to give birth to our little Anela, and more empowered in my and my husband’s innate ability, as individuals and as a couple, to grow and give life to our precious little girl.  

“I will note that Lauren and Angela were also very helpful in satisfying our wishes to receive co-care from a reputable Doctor in Denver who is supportive of homebirths.  We didn’t want to put too much of an emphasis on a “plan” for a hospital birth, but felt it was important to have an existing relationship with a medical Doctor, should the unexpected occur, necessitating a transfer to the hospital before/during labor.  Luckily we were able to have everything we wanted out of our baby’s birth, and we hope that as we continue to grow our family, we will be able to turn to the expertise of Lauren and Angela again.”

– Celia Vieau, Denver, CO

Vieau midwifery team


“To this day, the ONLY person I remember with me during my birthing was Lauren (may my husband forgive me). Her presence was like a warmth, a security. Even though I alone brought my baby boy into this world I found strength in knowing that Lauren was with me. She not only helped me during my birth, but she helped visualize my desires and needs BEFORE my birth. I still have friends that are amazed that I had a natural birth. I have even more friends who are amazed that I LOVED giving birth, and I mourn the fact that I will not be giving birth again. I have never experienced such a deep and gratifying moment as when my son came into this earth. Lauren’s presence inspired me to help others during their birth, and I have since been blessed to be with friends to support them during their births as well..” – Nicole Bennett, Veterinarian, San Diego, CA


Lauren is a great person to have as your midwife. She is not just someone to help you through the birth of your baby, she is also a  friend through your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. It is so helpful to have her come to your home after the birth to check on your baby – for 6 weeks! 

Lauren is very knowledgeable about everything dealing with your baby and will discuss your concerns, and questions with you. She will also lend you books, and email you other references to help you make the right decision for you and your baby. I interviewed a couple midwives before becoming pregnant and chose Lauren. My husband and I am extremely happy with our decision and look forward to using Lauren again for our next baby.  – Julie Radu, Louisville, CO
“Lauren’s quiet, yet strong presence and direction were just what I needed during the birth of my first child. Her coaching and teamwork with me, my husband and my sister helped to make the birth of our daughter a very powerful and empowering experience for me. Her knowledge of salves, homeopathics, herbs, aromatherapy and the many twists and turns of the birthing process were also invaluable.” – Lynn, San Diego, CA

“Quiero agradecerte profundamente haber estado en el nacimiento de Simón, y haber ayudado a destrabarlo. Tu presencia fue hermosa, calida y sutil. Gracias!! Es el dia de hoy que recuerdo ese momento como algo increible!! E inexplicable, no hay palabras para describirlo. En ese momento sentí la perfección del universo, las cosas en su justa medida y en su tiempo preciso. Y vos tenias que estar ahi, asi como por “casualidad” tenias que estar junto a las hermosas Marina y Sonia, y que juntas las tres lograron que salga todo bien. Estoy muy agradecida con ustedes, bellas mujeres!!”

Maria Jose Gomez Ferreiro, Artist, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The birth of my second child started with a wish for a VBAC. Attempting this at home demanded that I of course find the right midwife. I really liked the women I chose to work with. Lauren Schowe had cared for me during my pregnancy and was the one there for my HBAC. I really liked her and felt completely safe with her. She was professional, down to earth, caring and competent. Most of all, she was calming, which is what I needed. It was fun to have her attend my daughter’s first birthday too! – Jill Gallagher, Orange County, California

I wrote this partly for myself and partly because I benefitted so much from reading other families’ stories that I feel compelled to pass on the gift to others.  Our first baby was born 3 years ago.   It was a natural birth (no medications), and after 30 hours total of labor, we arrived at the hospital about an hour before our son was born. Our second baby was our first home birth, our first water birth, and our first Hypnobabies birth.  

As I sit here holding my precious squishy pink baby, I am having trouble deciding how to begin describing her entrance into the world.  She’s here.  She’s beautiful.  She soaks up love like a sponge and gives nothing in return but her own glorious presence, which is more than enough.

What with the full moon, the transit of Venus, multiple weather fronts, and her “guess” date approaching, we spent a week wondering when E would finally decide to come.  Of course, it was my midwife leaving on a short trip out of town that did it.  Hubby, C, and I were planning on a quiet day puttering at home.

It was maybe 9:30am and we’d only been up a few minutes (and my midwife just out of town), when I had a pressure wave that was somehow completely different, though I really couldn’t say how.  Not as strong as some, not particularly uncomfortable, less downward pressure than some.  I can’t tell you how, but I knew.  This was different.  I waited for a second one, and when it happened about 15 minutes later, I suggested to Hubby that we prioritize those random odds and ends we hadn’t finished but wanted done (the new toilet seat installed was top of my list) and that he fetch baby E’s birthday cake to defrost…just in case.  Everything seemed very calm and natural.

Laying out the tarp for under the tub; sorry about the focus, I was in hypnosis at the time I took the picture…this is what the world looked like to me!

I waited about an hour and called our back-up midwife, Lauren, to let her know that it would probably be in the next couple days.  Between pressure waves, C and I lined up dominoes and knocked them down.  We had the Hypnobabies Birthing Day affirmations on in the living room while we played, but otherwise, it was just a fun, quiet time together.  I wish we’d thought to get pictures.  Within a couple hours, I was having trouble caring for C, so we called my sister to come and had C go help Hubby set up the birth tub.

By this time I was making ganache and spreading it on E’s cake between pressure waves, but in “middle switch” (a state of eyes-open hypnosis).   I was really surprised later to see how well the cake turned out, considering that I was in hypnosis the whole time I was working on it!   Most of the time, I’d sense when a pressure wave was coming and be “off” before it started.  A couple times I was caught up walking around when one started and boy! that was unpleasant!  But as soon as I sat down on my ball at the table and turned off…the wave disappeared.

I wish I could describe how surreal this all was at this point.  I was so completely calm, Hubby and C were setting up the birth room, and then I’d feel a pressure wave coming on…and feel nothing.  I kept wondering if they were actually happening.  Maybe I was making this all up?  The fact that they were so strong when I was caught up was reassuring, but the fact that I could (so I felt) completely stop the pressure wave in its tracks…this couldn’t be the real thing…right?  And it was all happening so quickly.  We’d only been up for a few hours.  Throughout the day, I texted Lauren with updates and she let me know that Angela would be our other midwife.

Then suddenly, Hubby didn’t have time to do anything between pressure waves.  I started feeling tightening and pressure with each wave.  A very tight hug in my belly and squeezing in my pelvis.  And as soon as one ended, the next began.  It was a lot more work to stay completely relaxed, and though I was still comfortable, I started to feel a little edgy.

Hubby talking me through a pressure wave with a Hypnobabies script

Hubby suggested I get in the tub.  I didn’t want to because I couldn’t believe it was time.  So Hubby called Lauren, who said to go ahead and get in and that she and Angela were on their way.  Ah!  Water is the most amazing substance.  From then on, I felt nothing in my belly.  Even later when I started to fall apart around the edges a little bit, I never felt a thing in my belly.  I was able to easily change positions to whatever was best at the moment.  I perked up a little again.  I still stayed in center switch, but now I could talk to Hubby quietly between pressure waves or have very brief visits from C.  We had retyped the Hypnobabies scripts on index cards for Hubby, and he flipped between them, reading whichever ones seemed to be most helpful.

When Angela arrived, she didn’t disrupt our pattern at all.  She checked my vitals and listened to E’s heartbeat, then sat quietly on the floor next to the birth tub.  The only reason I was aware she and Lauren were there was from Hubby once in a while saying something to one of them or, later, when I’d apparently made a more promising sound, one head or the other would pop up over the edge of the tub to take a peek at me.  I found it strangely amusing at the time.  It was as if part of me was there in the tub working on having a baby, and the other part was standing back, giggling when a midwife popped up and then disappeared again.

Not too long after Angela and Lauren arrived, I felt a lot of low back pressure and burning in my pelvis.  Lauren suggested Hubby try counter pressure on my low back.  It worked wonders and I immediately panicked.  I’d needed counter pressure for at least 12 hours when C was born…did this mean I had 12 more hours of this?  Hubby got in the tub with me to make it easier to hold counter pressure, and between pressure waves I kept asking…was I going to have to do this all night?  Did we call the midwives too soon?  Maybe was this not even our birthing day?  Could it be a false start?  Was I going to have to do this all night?  I didn’t like this part–I wanted to go back to the other part.  I didn’t think I could do this anymore.  I didn’t want to do this anymore.  I couldn’t do this anymore.  Angela reassured me that I could and would, that I really was going to have a baby.

Then I saw Angela hand Hubby a different deck of cards.  Even in the middle of my emotional muddle, I realized he’d just put away his “first stage” cards and grabbed the “transformation” ones.  I didn’t say anything out loud because I didn’t want to jinx it…but I again had that sense of having two parts.  One part of me was in the tub, overall surprisingly comfortable but not particularly liking the pressure and worried I’d have to cope with the pressure and burning for the rest of the night.  I was grunting and Aaaaaaahing deeply in my throat during the peak of each pressure wave by now.  My other part was saying, AWESOME!  TRANSFORMATION/TRANSITION!  We’re near the end, we’re almost done!

Then I started noticing that during the peak of each pressure wave, my breath was coming in short, quick grunts.  Suddenly I announced, “I want to push.”  Then push, I was told.  ”It can’t be time to push,” I argued.  ”I haven’t been doing this long enough.”  I was not aware of the time, but it was still light outside.

It felt so good to push!  Such a relief to be finally doing something about all that pressure.  I’m not sure what the truth of it was, but to me, the pressure waves suddenly felt shorter and overall more bearable except for that pushy feeling.  After a couple pushes, I reached down to feel and there was a head, still with the membranes over it, about as far up as my second knuckle on my middle finger.  I started crying.  ”We’re really having a baby, it’s really true, this is actually her birth day, I can’t believe it…”

Each pressure wave, I’d push until the burning became too intense, then stop.  Each time I felt one coming on, I’d feel the rising panic (and sometimes verbalize it, I think) but then pray and push while roaring AAAAAAHHHHH as low as I could (Hubby made sure I kept my voice deep…no high-pitched EEEEEEEs!)  In this way, I moved her forward millimeter by millimeter.  I’m told it was two and a half hours of pushing.  To me, it felt like my entire existence was focused into this burning and pushing.  Someone said something about a “slide” and I announced exactly what I thought of “your stupid slide.”  I appreciate the patience and grace of everyone around me during this time.

Then I realized the burning was unbearable.  Everyone else got excited.  I could feel her head right there but I just couldn’t push through that burning.  Finally, I realized there was only one way to end this and hollered, “GET OUT!!!!!”  I pushed as long and hard as I could.  Suddenly I announced, “Oh!  There’s the head…there’s the body…there’s a cord…there’s the baby.”  Hubby was holding me in his arms and Angela and Lauren were right there, but E came out into my hands.  It was easy to slip the cord from around her neck with her under water and I lifted her out onto my chest.  I felt utter disbelief that it was over.  I was surprised to find how badly I wanted this baby, despite my misery a moment earlier.

C was right there for the last part and was looking kind of surprised.  My sister said he was never disturbed by the noises I made, but explained to her that I was “singing to bring the baby out.”  Today, he told me about me yelling “Get Out” and how I reallywanted his baby out.  He also watched when they were checking me for tears (none worth repairing!–a benefit of that slow pushing) and thought it was funny that I was getting my bottom cleaned by someone else just like we clean him.

E started rooting around for the breast right away.  Hubby cut the cord so E could be tucked in with me in bed.  After a bit, C came back from a failed attempt at going to bed and he lay on the bed next to me while E was weighed. Eight pounds four ounces.  That’s almost two pounds heavier than C was when he was born.  And she was 20.75″, less than 2 inches longer than C.  She was born at 9:18pm, just under 12 hours from when we started.

Angela and Lauren left once they were sure we were stable.  Hubby and my sister got the two babies (C and E) and I settled on the bed in our birthing room, then my sis went to bed in our bed downstairs and Hubby crashed on a cot alongside mine.

C climbed up in the bed while I was napping and spent quite a long time quietly kissing and cuddling E while I slept.

C is madly in love with his little sister.  I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t witnessing it myself, given the cultural expectation toward sibling rivalry.  Thankfully, I had a couple friends tell me during pregnancy not to expect or prepare for sibling rivalry, but instead to expect them to be close; to talk with C about E and keep him involved.  Certainly, he still has his moments when he feels extra clingy, reverts, does naughty things he would never normally do…but he also is the most content when cuddled close to E.

Happy birth day to you, my precious baby.  Congratulations to my darling little boy who is now a big brother. Thank you to my husband who is not only my best friend, but a wonderful husband and father.

– Robin Dickinson, MD, Denver, CO